Amine Iskandar: in response to slanders published in Al Akhbar newspaper.

In response to the article recently published by Al Akhbar newspaper including false and fabricated accusations, as well as slanderous denunciations, the secretary general of Tur Levnon association Mr Amine Iskandar announces the closure of the investigations and shares the following statement assuring he was only interrogated and never accused:

We are loyal to Lebanon and to our Christian identity. And we are determined to continue the struggle for our cause which is that of a free Christian society. For that we launch a warning to those who try to stain our image. The investigation file has been definitely closed declarang my innocence without having been arrested as the Al Akhbar newspaper presumes it.

It is henceforth clear that the activities of Tur Levnon are as clean and immaculate as the snows of Lebanon. Our activities are focused on the recovery of our holy Syriac language in order to strengthen our rooting in our history and in our culture. All of our activities are of a cultural, religious and christian spritual nature and constantly in coordination with the Maronite Church. Any attempt of assimilation of the Syriac language with Israeli projects is to be rejected outright since it consists of an attack against our sacred, our symbols and our values by imposing on us identities that are foreign to us and ideologies such as assimilation and fusion.

We will face any attempt to impose dhimmitude to Christians by threatening them before the specter of collaboration with the enemy each time they claim their right to identity memory and to cultural heritage. Because it is worth noting that our ultimate goal is to work for a perfect harmony between Christians and Muslims with respect and total trust, within the framework of the values of equality, freedom and justice, so that the lebanese entity is an example of a rich and fruitful diversity giving rise to unity.

It is therefore essential to reject in its entirety the article published by Al Akhbar journal claiming that two Maronite bishops have critisized my activity. Because in fact, I have received the support of the Maronite Patriarchate with, at its head, his holiness Cardinal Bechara Boutros Rai. I would like to thank the bishops Samir Mazloum and Paul Sayah, who rejected the slanderous stories spread by the newspaper. Thus our bishopsdefended the truth with the strength of the rock of St. Peter.I must also warmly thank our Bishop Gregory Mansour for sending a letter of support on my behalf from his US episcopate.

We consider allusions to Christian personalities within the article as an attempt at petty defamation. These political personalities are irreproachable and we maintain with them relations of courtesy as well as with all the Christian political parties without exception. The entirety of our activities in which these personalities participated are exclusively cultural and religious and in a purely Lebanese framework keeping the symbolism of the cedar beyond all consideration. We will not allow anyone to sow doubt by calling our purely Christian project treason and accusing it of collaboration with the enemy. ”


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